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About Us

We started this company for the ultimate candle lover who is always looking for that perfect candle. One that lasts a long time, has a great scent that carries throughout the entire room, and leaves no wax buildup. We never toured other candle companies. We wanted to start from scratch. We contacted wax companies, scent companies, and wick companies. We bought the best products possible, and then started experimenting. It was a lot of fun to tell the truth. A lot of work too! Doing it this way actually made us discover how to do things in a way that nobody else every thought of, from the way we pour, to the way we cool, and even the way we keep our wicks centered. The process we developed will ensure you always get the highest quality product possible.

We have even patented some of our ideas, such as our wick straightener. This keeps the wick centered for a better, safer burn. Thanks for visiting us, and we hope you decide to try what we think is the perfect candle! Look below to see some of the reasons we believe we have the best products!


  • Affordability. There are different categories in this market. Extremely high priced candles that are made better, and extremely low priced candles that are either imported, or made from low quality materials. We are priced closer to the low priced candles, but our quality is as good or better than any other candle out there. It's a niche we are comfortable in. We aren't here to make money, we're here to make friends! Pretty much!            

  • Variety. Not only do we carry up to 50 different scents, we put them in a lot of different styles of jars! We bring out new scents every year, and seasonal scents throughout the year as well! We have also added a line of handmade soaps. After our success with the candles we worked just has hard to develop our handmade soaps. There are lots of scents, and base materials to check out. Try them out, you won't be sorry.            

  • Convenience. We have retailers in every state, and many different countries as well. We have a retail locator right on the we site to help you find them, and links to our international distributors. We have also built this easy to use web site, and of course you can always call us. We'll be glad to hear from you! Our toll free number is 1-877-726-6353

  • Quality, Quality, Quality. Lets say it again... QUALITY. You are not paying for a low quality candle with an affordable price. You are paying for the highest quality candle you can get for an affordable price. It's what we do! Look below for some of the reasons we're the best!    

It's really all about you, our customer. If you aren't happy with our products, customer service, or anything else we do then you won't come back. If you don't come back we don't have a business. It's really just that simple. Like the saying goes, if you're not happy, we're not happy!

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